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Prime Minister Avas Yojana (Rural) Full Details


       Pradhanmantri davara  garmay paraja ne avas  na badhkam  mmate 120000 ₹ ni sahay temaj 70000₹ ni line mala vatla patrakaar thay se.  Tevij rite parvtiy  vistar ma bsndhkam  mate150000₹  ni sahay ane 70000₹ lone malava patr se.


 The scheme was unveiled at Agra on 7/9/9 by the Prime Minister Shri.

 Housing Assistance in PMAY (G)

 Non-resident assistance for new housing in Maidan area is Rs.

 Unpaid assistance for new housing in the hill area Rs.

 Loan receivable under the scheme up to Rs

 The amount available from Convergence for toilet construction under Swachh Bharat Mission (Rural) is Rs.

 Under the Mahatma Gandhi Narega Scheme, the amount available for construction work for 7 days is Rs.

 Financial Allocation

 Allocation of funds according to the ratio of Central and State Govt

 Allocation of 5% administrative expenditure against the funds allocated to the districts (1.5% for district and 5% for state)

 Features of the plan

 Accommodation Size - 1 Sq.

 The housing assistance amount is Rs.  ૧૨૦૦૦૦ / -

 Use of SECC-1 data for beneficiary selection


 Swachh Bharat Mission (Rural)

 Mahatma Gandhi Narega (for Labor)

 Other Schemes (Rajiv Gandhi Delegation Scheme, Thus Aadmi Insurance Scheme, National Health Insurance Scheme)

 District Material Bank and Facilitation Center

 DBT - PFMS and Support Linking


 Mobile app

 Accommodation soft

 The purpose of the scheme

 According to the SECC survey, all citizens who do not have their own housing can be provided with PM from the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme (Rural), which was initiated with the idea of ​​the Prime Minister by year.

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